In the News: June 9-15

Managed by Q; June 15, 2015; Everybody Cleans

Zady; June 15, 2015; Can This Startup Make The Ultimate Ethical T-Shirt?

Coalition for Queens; June 11, 2015; Tech updates for Community Board 2

CommonBond; June 11, 2015; The only bank that stuck it out in a crucial part of the student loan game

Hopscotch; June 10, 2015; Samantha John: iOS, Dinosaurs, and Hopscotch, Oh My!

CommonBond; June […]

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In the News: June 2-8

Social Bicycles; June 6, 2015; St. Pete eyes Tampa’s bike-share program

Social Bicycles; June 4, 2015; My Other Car is a Bicycle

Motivate Design; June 2, 2015; The Jenga World of Hiring

CommonBond; June 2, 2015; The Simple Way to Make Education More Accessible for Tens of Thousands of Americans


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In the News: 5/25-6/1

HowGood; May 29, 2015; Grocery labels for Do-Gooders

Managed by Q; May 25, 2015; Why cleaners are just as valuable to my startup as computer scientists

Poshly; May 27, 2015; Refinery29 and Poshly talk data-driven content strategy at Taboola HQ

Splash; May 27, 2015; Splash event teach turns heads at Flatiron Startup’s Block Party

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In the News: 5/18-5/25

Spring; May 23, 2015; Snapchat puts some money behind shopping app Spring, a prelude to buy clothes in a snap?

Spring; May 22, 2015; Snapchat is investing in shopping app Spring

C4Q; May 22, 2015; Businesses mingle at annual Queens Chamber of Commerce Expo

Hinge; May 20, 2015; After a dating app outed married users, 450 men deleted […]

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In the News: 5/11-5/18



Modern Meadow; May 18, 2015; Sustainable leather: An animal friendly option

CommonBond; May 16, 2015; Using technology to humanize finance

Hinge; May 14, 2015; Dating app will now expose users who are not single, so you don’t have to waste time swiping right on cheaters

In Your Corner; May 14, 2015; Baristas are terrible therapists, says this hilarious ad for online counseling […]

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This Week in the News: 5/5-5/11

Hinge; May 9, 2015; Don’t like Tinder? Here are alternative dating apps

Niche; May 8, 2015; Twitter taking a different approach to advertising on Vine and Periscope

Sols; May 8, 2014; Not just for your grandma anymore, Sols aims to make orthotics cool

CommonBond; May 7, 2015; Online versus traditional lenders, what’s best for millennials

CommonBond; May 7, 2015; […]

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This Week in the News: 4/28-5/4

Peach and Lily; May 4, 2015; Why the best beauty ideas come from Korea: An expert weighs in on the next big thing

Sols; April 30, 2015; Here’s the startup that’s making shoes smarter

Board Vitals; April 29, 2015; Fighting against the $15 minimum wage

Modern Meadow; April 29, 2015; Lab grown leather might squick you out, but […]

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This Week in the News: 4/21-4/27

Poshly; April 27, 2015; 11 Simple Ways to Increase Your Happiness at Work

Zady; April 24, 2015; Zady on the revolution that has fashionistas wearing inside-out clothes

Zady; April 24, 2015; Slow Fashion Shows Consumers What It’s Made Of

Zady; April 23, 2015; Zady and FIT Host Evening of Slow-Living for Fashion Revolution Day

AlleyWatch; April 23, 2015; 30 […]

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This Week in the News: 4/14-4/20

Social Bicycles; April 20, 2015; Orlando bike sharing program expanding, now called Juice Bike Share

goTenna; April 17, 2015; New gadgets help solve music festival connectivity issues

Zady; April 17, 2015; Celebrating Fashion Revolution Day with the co-founders of Zady

Managed by Q; April 16, 2015; Managed by Q launches in Chicago, Uber and BucketFeet among first clients

Spring; […]

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This Week in the News: 4/7-4/13

goTenna; April 11, 2015; For hardware startups, it’s getting less hard

Managed by Q; April 9, 2015; Employees can find happiness with an on-demand app

Zady; April 9, 2015; 5 companies changing how clothes are made

Sols; April 9, 2015; SOLS launches the #SOLSonBowery pop-up shop to creatively market their 3D printed insoles

CommonBond; April 9, 2015; CommonBond is […]

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